EMERGENCY SCHOOL, Pong Phrae Wittaya

Chiangrai, Thailand

Since an earthquake on May 5th 2014, the students are studying in temporary tents. ‘Design for Disasters’, a non-profit organization, has organized a network of 9 architects to participate in designing 9 schools for immediate use.

Department of ARCHITECTURE Co., Ltd. has took on the responsibility to design this emergency school for Pong Phrae Wittaya School. It has to be earthquake resistant , be able to withstand hail storms, quick to assemble by local workers, economical, properly protected from heat in the summer and freezing wind in the winter. We decided to use cross braced steel structural system for light-weight quick construction and rigid structure. The roof is designed as a double roof system. The material of the main roof is metal sheet to be able to withstand the hail storms. A very cheap HDPE shading net, a material usually used to give sun shade to plant nursery, is installed here as an upper roof to protect the otherwise overheated metal sheet roof.