Mist Hot-spring Hotel [Interior]

Xuchang, Henan, China

Our inspiration for interior design also came from the beauty of the hot spring steam itself. Architecturally-scaled site-specific installations exploring natural phenomenon relating to mist and water are designed and installed throughout the hotel as the main elements that tie the entire experience together. These visually impactful installations are not added as decorations, but inseparably integrated into architecture and interior space.

For the lobby and bar, an installation made of hundreds layers of clear and color crystals is inspired by a spectrum of light passing through hot steam which can be viewed differently depending on position of the viewers from the side, from the end ,or from inside the translucent volume of the installation itself. The lake landscape beyond is enchantingly seen through the sheer installation. Its interior space is kept monochrome with color accents in crystals and floor lighting sculptures, to strengthen the idea of dyeing the space with colorized light.

In the restaurant, an installation inspired by silver-lining silhouette of steam defines seating and kitchen zones. Color-changing light at the edge of the acrylic planes gives different moods through different time of the day.

In the ballroom, a matrix of delicate acrylic rings forms a semi-transparent, irregular cloud-like shape. This ceiling installation, together with the cloud pattern on the floor carpet, gives an unusual feel of lightness to the space. Color-changing lighting rings scattered in the midst of the cloud installation creates different moods suitable to different functions held in the ballroom.

To break through the monotony of hotel corridors, guest rooms are not joined by a typical corridor, but a series of bridges floating in the atriums. Shafts of natural light come in either from skylight or the end wall highlighting the “mist” pattern made of stainless steel tiles and black stone. Large installations in the atrium inspired by two states of water – the Dew and the Droplet, stimulate an experience of an illusive sense of scale and gravity.